Your sleepy eyes are swollen and stretched. Skin looks dehydrated and tired. Avoid skin nuisances by resting, even on the road! Sleep on an airplane or train, and make sure you have 8 hours of sleep, no matter what! It is important to be well rested to maintain beauty while travel.

Bring the necessary stuff

We know you want your luggage as light as possible, but to maintain your beauty when traveling, you need to bring all the basic stuff like makeup, moisturizer, and make-up remover, cleanser, at least as so. It’s the best if you can bring some masks to keep your skin full of nutritions and moistured

Do not forget sunscreen

Unless you travel to the Arctic, you need to bring sunscreen to protect your beauty when away from home. If you do not want to bring it from home, remember to buy it when you arrive at the sun-drenched destination.

Drink a lot of water

Keep yourself and your skin getting enough water while traveling, or you will have to pay a price with tired, swollen, and generally dry skin. Always bring a bottle of pure water and drink it to keep it moist and maintain the beauty. This tip is the basic thing but sometimes we may forget it when being occupied by travel schedule,…

Moisture your skin if you go by plane

Air on the plane is very dry, but the key is definitely you should bring a good moisturizer for use on the plane. You need to prepare hand cream and skin lotion.

Avoid stressful

During the trip, it can occur problems such as flight delays, lost luggage … Try to keep calm, avoid stress when traveling. Your luggage can be replaced, but once the wrinkles of anxiety appear, you will hardly stop them. Yoga, a good treatment for stress without requiring too much space, you can practice yoga even in your own hotel room.

Bring your own pillow

The pillows of the hotel and plane are flat pillows like pancakes. They are really stiffer! So you can sleep more easily, and really nicer, if you use your own pillow. Studies have shown that using pillows in accordance with your sleeping habits can reduce and prevent wrinkles.

Facial spa!

At any tourist destination, there are good salon spas, seaweed wrapping services, hot stone massage, or facial cleansing … So you can book an appointment to ensure your beauty is well maintained when away from home!

With so many things to prepare for your trip, do not forget to list and arrange your luggage on the list. Besides, remember the good advice for beauty here.