Travel back in time at Duong Lam ancient village

It is not at all exaggerating to describe Duong Lam Village like an open-air museum, as this quaint village boasts one of the most...

6 experiences you DO NOT want to miss in Hanoi!

Let’s all agree that Hanoi is a pretty amazing city, with traditions and modernization co-exist harmoniously. That being said, this lovely city offers visitors...

Tet Trung Thu, traditions and mooncakes

The Traditions Known as Tết Trung Thu, the celebration falls on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month which is often in late September...
beautiful resort for a shortgetaway from Hanoi

Short getaway from Hanoi

Hàm Lợn (Pig Jaw) Mountain Only an hour drive from downtown Hanoi, Ham Lon Mountain is one of the most popular destinations for outdoor lovers and...
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