“Chè” is a traditional Vietnamese dessert which comes in various forms including sweet beverages, dessert soup or pudding. There are so many varieties of Che and it just keeps getting more diverse with people creativity. However, Che is generally made of some main ingredients like beans, seeds, tropical fruit, jelly, glutinous rice, and tapioca powder but not necessarily all at the same time. The difference is what type of beans, seeds or fruit would be used as main ingredients. Sound a bit confusing by now? Well, to be fair no one knows all type of Che there are in Vietnam so we will show you the most popular ones out there.

Chè chuối

– main ingredients are banana, sago pearls, and sweet coconut milk soup. This is a very fragrant and creamy pudding-like dessert.

Chè trôi nước

– sweet glutinous rice dumplings filled with mung bean paste in ginger-flavored sugar syrup. Only served hot, this is a perfect choice to melt away winter’s blues.

Chè đậu xanh

– perfect for hot summer days in Hanoi. Simply made of mung beans simmered in tapioca powder and served cold with coconut milk, this refreshing dessert can save your soul.

Chè đậu đen

– one of the most popular in the North. Made from black beans, usually served with added toppings like grass jelly and tapioca pearls.

Chè bưởi

– made from pomelo/grapefruit slivered rind. This delicious dessert will leave you satisfied.

Chè ba màu

– means Three Color Dessert consists of 3 different layers: yellow mung bean, red bean, and green pandan jelly. Not only Che Ba Mau looks good, but this dish is also totally refreshing and delicious. What we like about this Che is the variety of toppings you can choose to add on. Just ask the vendor for whichever ingredient you want.

Chè Bắp

– Sweet Corn Pudding is a perfect combination of sweet corn, creamy coconut milk and chewy glutinous. This is a refreshing summer treat.

Chè Long Nhãn Hạt Sen

– Longan and Lotus Seed sweet beverage were originated from Hue. With many health benefits and delicate sweetness, this is a very popular drink among locals.

Chè Sương Sa Hạt Lựu

– this Rainbow Dessert is often made from jelly cubes replicating pomegranate seeds, other types of colorful jelly, mung bean paste and coconut milk. Those crunchy pomegranate-seed looking jelly pearls are so addictive, you won’t get enough of it.

Among numerous Che vendors in Hanoi, we suggest a few trusted options below. Give it a try!

Lutulata Desserts & Drinks

Address: 39 Hang Cot Street, Hoan Kiem Ward, Hanoi

Price: 25,000 – 38,000 VND

Opening hours: 8am – 11pm

 Banh Trôi Tàu Phạm Bằng 

Address: 30 Hàng Giấy, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Opening hours: 3:30 PM

Che 4 mua

Address: 4 Hang Can Street, Hoan Kiem ward, Hanoi

Price: 15,000 – 25,000 VND

Opening hours: 9am – 11.30pm