With a more than 3000-kilometer-long coastline, Vietnamese beaches are among the most diverse, exotic and splendid in Asia and probably the world. Yet, in the eyes of many foreigners, our marvellous coastal area somehow consists of only Ha Long Bay, Da Nang and Nha Trang. Well then you haven’t seen our country! Let us introduce you to one of the lesser known seaside travel hot-spots: Quy Nhon.

How to get there

Located at the southern half of Central Vietnam, this charming city used to be a part of the ancient Champa Dynasty and is much closer to Ho Chi Minh City than it is to Hanoi. Getting to Quy Nhon is fairly easy either by trains or planes from big cities. Both Vietnam airlines and Vietjet offer daily flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city so you can literally take off any time you want.

Should you start your journey from Ho Chi Minh City, getting to Quy Nhon by motorbike is also a lovely choice. However, if your starting point is from Hanoi, traveling by bikes can be physically exhausting and downright dangerous. Therefore, if you don’t have much experience road-tripping in Vietnam, please take the train or fly there.

When to visit

Quy Nhon has two very distinctive seasons: dry season (from January to August) and rainy season (from September to December). Many travel experts and companies advise that you should visit this city during the period between May and September when the weather is at its best.

How about accommodation

Quy Nhon is still a fairly new destination so there aren’t many big resorts and 5-star hotels yet. Writing from our own editor’s experience, the only real 5-star resort in this town is Avani Quy Nhon resort and spa which is a bit further away from the city centre with private beach and amazing spa facilities. On the other hands, there is a variety of mid-range hotels and homestays or guesthouses which is coming a very popular accommodation type in Vietnam at the moment. Accommodation prices in Quy Nhon are a bit cheaper, ranging from 500,000 VND to 1,500,000 per night for a decent place close to the beach.

Avani Hotel

The attractions

It is inevitable that you will spend a whole lot of time relaxing next to the turquoise water of these following beaches:

  • Quy Nhon beach right next to the city centre. It is pretty popular meaning crowds will be a problem there.
  • Queen’s beach around 3 km to the Southeast of Quy Nhon. This location is a local’s favourite and considered one of the best beaches around Quy Nhon.


  • Kỳ Co Island – one of the most popular in the area is located near Eo Gió Walkway – one of the most sought-after background for Instagram-holics. Not only possesses dazzling natural beauty, Ky Co is also an ideal place for snorkelling.
Eo Gió

  • Hòn Khô beach with pristine turquoise water and close-to-shore coral reef is also an amazing place to go snorkelling.

  • Cù Lao Xanh is also a destination you have to visit just to appreciate how gorgeous nature can be.

Being a former territory of the ancient Champa Kingdom, Quy Nhon and the surrounding areas carry numerous valuable historic sites, in which Hung Thanh towers (Twin Towers) is the closest to Quy Nhon city centre. Another famous Champa architectural monument near Quy Nhon is Banh It towers – a combination of four towers, heavily influenced by Khmer religion and architecture. A relaxing excursion around these sacred sites will be an interesting experience.

The food is awesome in Quy Nhon!

You heard it right my friends! Quy Nhon’s food in general is extremely delicious, even though a bit sweeter compared to Hanoi’s culinary preference. The most famous eat when you are at Quy Nhon is obviously seafood. Furthermore, there are also some local dishes that can easily satisfy your taste bud including shrimp pancakes – a crunchier and smaller version of the pancakes that you normally have but equally tasty; bánh hỏi – consists of thin rice vermicelli bundles and often served with intestines or bún cá – rice noodle soup with fish cakes.

Shrimp pancakes
Bánh Canh

Here are a few restaurants that we think you should drop by for authentic local meals.

  • Ngọc Liên at 379 Nguyen Hue Street is famous for the Quy Nhon noodle soup with fishcakes.

Price range: 25 – 35.000 VND

  • Phượng Tèo at 209 Nguyen Hue Street is also a famous vendor serving bún cá.

Price range: 15 – 28.000 VND

  • Bà Chiến at 28 Ly Thuong Kiet Street: try nem nướng – grilled fermented pork.
Picture of nem nướng in general
  • 114 Restaurant at 114 Xuan Dieu Street is a perfect place for a scrumptious seafood feast.

Price range: 35 – 500.000 VND

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